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By Anne Carson

Dir. Arthi Chandra

At the Shaw Festival 2023 - Neil Munro Director's Project

The Cast

Antigone - Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed
Ismene - Rais Clarke-Mendes
Kreon - Graeme Somerville
Haimon / Teiresias - Nathanael Judah
Eurydike - Rebecca Northan*
Chorus - Tama Martin
Guard / Messenger - Krystle Chance
Boy - Vinnie Alberto
Nick - Ryann Myers

* For the Dress/Performances, Eurydike was played by Patty Jamieson. Thank you Patty.

The Creative Team

Set Designer - Emily Dotson

Costume Designer - Rose Tavormina

Design Assistant - Ximena Pinilla

Lighting Designer - Emilie Trimbee

Sound Designer - Stephen Ingram

Stage Manager Laura Lakatosh

Graeme Somerville. Photo by Mark Callan
Antigonick. Photo by Rose Tavormina_
Photo by Rose Tavormina.jpg
Set Design - Emily Dotson. Graeme Somerville. Photo by Rose Tavormina

Director's Note

A girl who is overflowing with life; A King in the nick of time.

I think of Antigone.

Your name means “against birth” or “instead of being born”
As Anne Carson writes.
Nobody is more full of life.
I don’t imagine you as a caged bird
Because you are not in a cage.

You love in a world of deadly consequence
Where birds are either vultures or pretty things

You are not a pretty thing you are a roar you are a storm over the sea a woman of rage a woman of grief a woman filled to brim with every emotion that you are spilling out you are spiralling out you will not fall apart

You are in control of your storm and that is why you must be held accountable

Who else can be as in control as you?

Antigone you are life in fullness

Life as it is meant to be lived

Life that is so full it terrifies people

They must take it away.

Anne Carson writes a love letter to Antigone, forbidding she should ever lose her screams.

We offer this as a love letter, to autonomous women, to pour Antigone’s screams into your own.

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